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The fairyland in Ngu Hanh Son

Down the coastal road from Da Nang to Hoi An, it is more than 10 km long to arrive at Non Nuoc - Ngu Hanh Son.

To reach Huyen Khong grotto, tourists must go through the Hoa Nghiem cave, located on the edge of a mountain, with fresh and pleasant air.

Walking for a few steps, the fairy scene appears. Going to a cave, many people will think about going into a dark cave with electric light as many other places, but the Huyen Khong grotto is completely different.

From the door, a blast of sunlight illuminates the cave, making everything float in space. Huyen Khong Cave has a lot of big and small holes on the ceiling, which look like windows, where sunlight comes in to illuminate everything in the cave.


Road to the Huyen Khong cave.

The light moves from time to time during the day, lighting up every corner in the cave. Light dances inside the wide cave, with high ceiling, creating magical beauty to Huyen Khong. Any visitor steps into the cave being surprise of the scene.

There are several altars and temples in the cave, with many statues of Buddha and deities.

Huyen Khong Cave does not have many stalactites but it has special natural beauty and the spiritual atmosphere.


The Dharmapala statue at the entrance of the cave.

At the mountain foot are a lot of souvenir and handicraft shops selling all kinds of statues and jewelry made from Non Nuoc stone.

Ngu Hanh Son or the Marble Mountain is about 10 km from Da Nang, more than 20 km from Hoi An. You can rent motorbikes to come here very easily.