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Vietnam set 10 pct rise in 2011 export earnings

In order to achieve this target, according to economists, the orientation of key export items this year will include the group of materials with crude oil export at eight million tons, coal export at 15 million tons.

As for the group of agro-forestry and fisheries products: seafood export expects to earn $6 billion, rice export at 6.5 million tons, coffee at 1.1 million tons and rubber at 800,000 tons.

Regarding the group of processing and manufacturing products, led by apparel products and footwear, will continue to be key export commodities with export turnover of over $13 billion and $6 billion respectively.

The country also should focus on exports of new items such as seagoing vessel, mechanical products, handicrafts, processed foods, timber products, consumer goods and plastic products.

Exports of electronic products expect to earn about $4 billion.

According to the deputy minister of industry and trade, Nguyen Thanh Bien, the export results in 2010 were the "bright spots" of Vietnam's economy with total export turnover estimated at $71.63 billion, up 25.5 percent year on year.

The country had 18 commodities with export turnover of over $1 billion.

Particularly, apparel products led the group with over $11.2 billion of export turnover, followed by footwear ($5.1 billion), seafood ($5 billion), crude oil ($4.9 billion), electronic products and computers ($3.6 billion), wood-based and handicraft products ($3.4 billion), rice ($3.2 billion) and machinery -equipments – instruments ($3 billion).

Cashew, coffee, coal, oil and gas, rubber, precious stones and metals, electricity wires and cables, transport means and spare parts raked in $1-$2.9 billion.